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Cake Dutchess 2 Day Sugar Modelling


Fancy Fondant.

I am the ONLY official Cake Dutchess Instructor in Melbourne!

Cake Dutchess was founded by Etty van Urk from the Netherlands. I am excited and proud to say that I am the one and ONLY Cake Dutchess Instructor in Melbourne which means I will exclusively be teaching the 2 day modelling course.


This course is about teaching people the basics of modelling-which you’ll know is my passion!

The Course is run over 2 Days and is aimed at Beginners wanting an introduction into modelling using basic shapes along with people who would like to find out more about Cake Dutchess Modelling and techniques.

All participants receive a certificate at the end of the course.


Course Details

You will learn how to model two cute characters, a Teddy and a Dog . You will gain an understanding of using basic shapes which you will see are used throughout all your modelling. You will learn there are endless possibilities to the characters that can be made using just basic shapes.


Course Details

You will be introduced to using polystyrene shapes in your modelling. You will learn how to cover and decorate a sphere to make a Hot Air Balloon. We will make a small character to add to the basket of your balloon. You will learn how to cover a cake drum so your Hot Air Balloon can  be displayed, giving  a professional finish. Along with this you will learn how to make some simple clouds to enhance your topper.


Course Details 

This class will be about making a simple standing figure. Included in this will be how to support a standing figure and how it is attached to a cake. You will learn how to make a simple face and how this is transferable depending on whether you are making a male or a female.



The price for this 2-Day course is $275, which includes the use of all of the materials needed to make your models, boards, cake drum dummy and polystyrene shapes.


There are a maximum of 4 students per class.



We have several Courses running throughout the year , please find details below . 

See dates below

! Please note finish times are a guide only.

​Terms & Conditions Apply, see our T & C's page for details

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