Fondant - Gum Paste Modelling Tool Set of 8 Pieces

Fondant - Gum Paste Modelling Tool Set of 8 Pieces


Set of all 8 double-ended sugarcraft modelling tools


Essential, popular modelling tools for working with sugarpaste, marzipan and flower / modelling / gum pastes

Set comprises of:

  • Bone tool
  • Blade & shell tool
  • Ball tool
  • Scallop & comb tool
  • Serrated & tapered cone tool
  • Taper cones 5/6 star tool
  • Bulbulous cone tool
  •  Flower leaf shaper tool (aka Dresden tool)


- An exceptionally well-priced alternative to Wiltshire tools but are they just as good??? Possibly not, but any difference in quality is very slight as both brands are made in China

- Wiltshire branded set also available (only in light Pink)

- approx 16cm - 17cm long

- Dark Pink handles 

- Food approved plastic


IMPORTANT - occasionally the ends don't quite match up with Wiltshire designs, but you still get all 16 tool ends within the set