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Hi  I’m Lisa, founder of Fancy Fondant Cake Decorations…….

Let me tell you a little about myself and my journey to Fancy Fondant Cake Decorations.


​It all began………

In early 2016 I was in a part time job, working as a teacher’s assistance in a local private school. I was feeling rather demotivated and wondering where my career was going. I saw a friend had just started a cake making business and admired her creations. I loved how toppers and detailing gave cakes the ‘wow’ factor. I knew this is where I wanted to start.


I was inspired……

I looked to local classes and soon joined up. I quickly became totally enthralled in this new world of creativity, wonder and what it takes to bring smiles to people’s faces when seeing a cake creation. I spent the next 12 months learning through classes, You Tube videos and experimentation. It was proactive practice, along with many failures which motivated me all the more. Friends and family were always in awe of my creations so in January 2017, I took the plunge, quitting my job and setting up with the help of my Husband Nick, Fancy Fondant Cake Decorations.

​And so today....

Fancy Fondant Cake Decorations is growing each day and I am very proud of where we are going. The key is working alongside clients to customise and create individual unique designs. Such designs represent the love and passion I feel for this company, Fancy Fondant Cake Decorations.

Join me on my journey, subscribe to our newsletter, updates and offers – you won’t be disappointed. 

Remember it’s your design with our know how, so contact us now to make your family / guests go “wow”…….. 

 I am a trained Cake Artist Instructor having completed Cake Dutchess and Cake Minds courses, and I also provide figurine classes throughout the year for those who wish to learn to make fondant creations of their own.

Fancy Fondant Studio

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